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Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams (1987)

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“Shattered Dreams” is a song by English group Johnny Hates Jazz. Written by the band’s lead singer Clark ...

“Shattered Dreams” is a song by English group Johnny Hates Jazz. Written by the band’s lead singer Clark Datchler, their major-label debut single was a worldwide hit.

“Shattered Dreams” entered the UK Singles Chart in March 1987 at #92 but gained popularity through extensive radio play and video rotation on MTV and quickly climbed the charts, peaking at #5 in May 1987, spending three weeks at that position and a total of 16 weeks in the chart. It went on to become a top 20 hit throughout Europe, even reaching the top 10 in many countries.

The song fared even better the following year in the U.S. There, “Shattered Dreams” was released early in 1988 with a totally different music video, shot entirely in black and white and directed by David Fincher, which Datchler actually preferred. The single peaked at #1 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart for one week and #2 for three non-consecutive weeks on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 chart, kept from the top spot by “Anything for You” by Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine and also “One More Try” by George Michael (both of which topped the Adult Contemporary chart themselves, for three weeks each). A midtempo club remix of the track was released on 12″ vinyl.

Billboard magazine ranked “Shattered Dreams” as the #26 song of the year 1988 in their December 31 issue.

Clark Datchler and the group would soon part, and Datchler released an acoustic version of the song as a track on his 1990 Virgin solo single “Crown of Thorns.” He later re-recorded a slower version on his 2007 album “Tomorrow” in C minor.

The song has been covered by boyband Ultra, on its UK Top 40 eponymous album in 1999; by House artist Jaybee in 2005; by Russian pop star Sergey Lazarev in 2007; and in 2009 by Quentin Elias, former singer for French boyband Alliage, House artist Vibelicious and by American Idol Season 7 winner David Cook during his Declaration tour.

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