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Madonna - Dear Jessie (1989)

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"Dear Jessie" is a song by American singer Madonna from her fourth studio album Like a Prayer (1989). It was released as the ...

"Dear Jessie" is a song by American singer Madonna from her fourth studio album Like a Prayer (1989). It was released as the fifth single from the album on December 4, 1989 by Sire Records. Written and produced by Madonna and Patrick Leonard, the song was inspired by Leonard's daughter Jessie. The release of "Dear Jessie" was limited to the United Kingdom, certain other European countries, Australia and Japan. The track is composed more like a children's lullaby rather than a pop song, and features strings, synthesizer and strummed acoustics. A change in tempo occurs during the breakdown, where instrumentation from trumpets is included. Lyrically, the song evokes a psychedelic fantasy landscape, in which pink elephants roam with dancing moons and mermaids.

Upon its release, "Dear Jessie" received mixed reviews from critics, who felt that about the fantasy imagery of the song was overdone, but complimented its composition. Other reviewers likened the song to the music of The Beatles. The track was a moderate success commercially, reaching the top 10 in the United Kingdom and Ireland and the top 20 in Germany, Spain and Switzerland. The music video of "Dear Jessie" combines live action and animation, portraying a young girl waking up in bed and interacting with fantasy characters. Madonna appears in the video only as an animated, Tinker Bell-type fairy.

The music video was produced by Animation City, an animation company in London, England, and was directed by Derek Hayes. The video is mainly animated and does not feature Madonna, except as the cartoon fairy Tinker Bell. Along with Hayes, there were six animators who worked on creating the fantasy imagery. It was included on the 1990 promotional-only video compilation She's Breathless.

The video opens with a shot of a young girl sleeping in her bed. As the music starts, rays of light emanate from the bedside radio with cartoon violins playing the music. The sun rises inside a picture on the wall and the girl wakes and starts playing with her doll. A fairy goes around tapping all her toys on the floor and a large, golden teapot comes alive and shoots a rainbow from its spout. A cartoon version of the girl then slides along the rainbow and, interpreting the lyrics of the song, catches a falling star and rides over the moon.

By the second verse, pink elephants float over the girl's bed and an animated fairy version of Madonna emerges from the picture and winks. She takes the girl through another picture, displaying mythological and fairytale beings such as dragons, princes and unicorns as well as a castle where Madonna dances with the moon. An underwater scene with mermaids and fish follows, then a parade of all the girl's toys around her room. As the song wraps, the fairy taps on the girl and causes her to yawn. She falls asleep again and her toys go back to being as they were. The violins and the instruments gradually fade inside the radio and the song ends.

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