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Mike + The Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle (1986)

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"All I Need Is a Miracle" is a song performed by English pop rock band Mike + The Mechanics. Written by guitarist Mike ...

"All I Need Is a Miracle" is a song performed by English pop rock band Mike + The Mechanics. Written by guitarist Mike Rutherford and producer Christopher Neil, it was first included on their 1985 self-titled debut album, and later released as a single in early 1986 in the USA, where it reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was sung by Paul Young on both the original recording and the 1996 re-recording for the band's Hits compilation album.

In an interview prior to the song's release as a single, Rutherford commented, "The thing that makes 'Miracle' different, to me, is that it's a happy song – or it's primarily a happy song. It's 'up'. And I don't do that very often. ...It may not be optimistic, but it's a positive attitude to life."

The music video for "Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)" ends with footage of Mike + The Mechanics performing the song at a restaurant, and segues into the video for "Miracle". In the video, "All I Need is a Miracle" is the final song in the band's fictional set, so Mike + The Mechanics' tour manager (played by Roy Kinnear) attempts to settle up with the restaurant owner (played by Victor Spinetti) for the agreed sum of £250. However, the owner points out that due to the gig being arranged at the last minute, the restaurant is more than half empty, and refuses to pay. Moreover, he threatens to hold all the band's equipment (and "the guitarist's right arm" the early airings) as collateral until he is paid £500.

The bulk of the video then alternates between the band's performance (with Paul Carrack acting as the bassist) and the manager's adventures in trying to acquire the necessary £500. The manager's conflicts get worse when a Chinese hoodlum swipes his money while riding a bike. The manager runs after the thief and follows him to the basement of a restaurant in Chinatown where his money is being gambled away. There he attempts to gamble his money back by playing mah-jong. However, as he is winning, the thief and his cronies kick him out of the building. As he sits in despair, he attains his goal when he finds a lost dog and the grateful Rolls-Royce-driving owner hands him a large amount of money. The manager returns to the restaurant, pays the owner the £500, and gives the change to Rutherford, telling him to split it amongst the band.

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