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Sly Fox - Let's Go All The Way (1985)

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"Let's Go All the Way" is a song by American group Sly Fox. Released as a single in December 1985 from their debut studio ...

"Let's Go All the Way" is a song by American group Sly Fox. Released as a single in December 1985 from their debut studio album of the same name, the record entered the Billboard chart on December 28 and reached the top ten in both the U.S. and the UK. Despite receiving considerable commercial and critical success, the group failed to match expectations with their later singles, and are sometimes referred to as a one-hit wonder.

Music video

A music video received heavy airplay on MTV and is credited with greatly adding to the "infectious" song's success. The video juxtaposes three distinct modes. First straightforward and color negative studio performance of the duo dancing, emoting, and performing along with the song in a bright pop-art style. This is interspersed with shots of an interracial pair of young boys engaged in various activities, predominantly picking toy weapons of war out of a shopping cart and smashing them with hammers on an anvil, as news footage is projected on a white backdrop. In other shots they march and stagger about dressed in combat fatigues and cavorting in sunglasses and surfer jams. The third thread consists of depression-era black & white clips from slapstick comedies and footage of factory workers. An atomic bomb blast is seen in reverse. The video ends with the two children in normal garb walking up to a large globe, picking the world up and carrying it.

While the song isn't overtly anti-war, recurring themes from the video suggest it has such a theme. The destruction of weapons of war and the reverse-motion nuclear explosion et al. can be viewed in the historical context of the time, the penultimate years of the Cold War; in 1986 the Reagan administration was ramping up spending on the so-called Star Wars SDI missile defense system as it officially abandoned the mutually signed but never-ratified SALT II arms-reduction treaty with the Soviet Union.

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