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Soul II Soul - Keep On Movin' (1989)

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"Keep On Movin'" is a song by British soul and R&B band Soul II Soul. It was the second single released from their debut ...

"Keep On Movin'" is a song by British soul and R&B band Soul II Soul. It was the second single released from their debut album Club Classics Vol. One (Keep On Movin' in the United States), after "Fairplay". It is one of two songs on the album that features British R&B singer Caron Wheeler (the other being "Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)") and it became one of Soul II Soul's most successful songs. It reached number five on the UK Singles Chart upon its release in March 1989 and number 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and was even more successful on Billboard's R&B charts, where it hit number one.

In October 1996, the song re-entered the UK Singles Chart at number 31, minus the sleeve credit to Caron Wheeler, after its use in an episode of the highly popular series of Papa and Nicole commercials for the Renault Clio car on British television.

Music videos

Two music videos exist for "Keep on Movin'", the first being the official video one and the second being an alternate video. The first music video premiered on various music video shows. The other music video was released online.

Official video

This video features Caron Wheeler in front of a piano before a pink backdrop in wearing a white dress-suit, performing the song. Cutscenes featuring the other members of Soul II Soul including Aitch B and Jazzie B were used in the video. Another scene with Wheeler and Jazzie B in black outfits also used. The video also features the use of a group dancing to choreography of the song.

Alternate video

The music video features Caron Wheeler wearing a red tribal jacket and head scarf with black top, performing the song against a black background. Jazzie B also appears wearing a green and yellow jacket. Singer and dancer Wunmi appears as one of the dancers in the video, wearing a red tribal jacket. Interspersed are some of the lyrics from the song. Later in the video, the group appears together dancing to the music with three violinists in the background.

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